The Strangebeats



Specializing in the dark and mysterious melodies of mid century retro-futurist pop culture, Producer/Guitarist Kevin White and Wunderkind Drummer Ian White pound out a dervish of reverberating energy uniquely their own.


Guitars, Sitar, Keys, Bass Guitar / Kevin White
Drums, Auxiliary Percussion / Ian White



Misirlou (Egyptian Girl)

by The Strangebeats

We are proud to announce that our new single "Misirlou (Egyptian Girl) is now available. It's a re-imagining of the classic Mediterranean folk song. While its most famous version by Dick Dale is iconic, we sought to go back to the roots of "Egyptian Girl" and even add our own twists. It features an electric sitar and a Fender Rhodes, which combined with Ian's 173bpm percussion blasts, make for a sort of high energy Korla Pandit homage. The video was done by up-and-coming Nashville filmmaker Chase Lochamire. We hope you enjoy it! -Kevin White